The French horse industry is characterised by its diversity and dynamism.
France in particular is one of the few countries with the capacity to excel internationally in equestrian sports.
France also has numerous advantages in training men and horses.
The French horse industry boasts some 55,300 companies, generating 75,000 jobs worth €12 billion in annual revenue. It works with more than 900,000 tagged horses.
The PMU (the French betting operator), racing parent companies, the French Equestrian Federation, the French Horse and Riding Institute and the Federation of Horse Councils form the backbone of the industry. They structure the horse industry, ensuring its continuous growth and development.


Brittany, in western France, is one of the leading regions in the horse industry thanks to the many keen horse lovers. The region has several advantages, including high-quality horseracing centres, renowned expertise and racing champions.
Moreover, Brittany would not be what it is without its tourism sector, which brings together not only its magnificent riding paths and bridleways, but also its fine cuisine and history.

We hope this website gives you an insight into our beautiful region and what it has to offer.

First, enjoy this video which presents the Breton horse industry! 


Bretagne, la filière équine - Conseil des Equidés de Bretagne from Eole Médias on Vimeo.


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